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11 May

Record COVID-19 Testing

Market Blog The number of COVID-19 tests in the US has ramped up significantly, which is a major step to defeating this terrible pandemic. “We know we need more testing to help quickly isolate those infected, and last week we … Continue reading
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08 May

US Payrolls Fall by Most on Record

Economic Blog Economists had braced market participants for massive job losses in today’s employment report, but that does not make the numbers any less eye-popping. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics released its monthly employment report this morning, revealing that … Continue reading
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06 May

Remembering the Flash Crash

Market Blog One of the most historic market crashes ever took place 10 years ago today, with the Dow Jones Industrial Average Index plunging more than 1,000 points, or 9%, within minutes, only to regain most of the losses by … Continue reading
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